What If Your Father Is A Pervert?



Language: Malayalam

Written  &  Directed  by  Shivram Mony

Rating: *** ½

Thimiram Review: Malayalam  cinema continues  to  go from strength to strength. There is  no denying the freshness fecundity and  relevance  of cinematic content from Kerala. Thimiram(meaning Cataract) is  the latest thought provoking  product  from  the state  of plenty.

Thimiram tells the  story  of  70-year old family man Sudhakaran(played brilliantly  by K K Sudhakaran)  who is….there is  no polite way  of putting this…a  sexual pervert and  a predator. The writer-director spares us  none  of  the details of Sudhakaran’s  sleazy  lurid exploits. Early on he  visits a prostitute whom  he insults and underpays and  berates for not  keeping condoms handy. Soon he is  in the neighbouring  grocery store run by a dignified widow,touching her  asking her if she’s free  in the night showing at her gate drunk getting  caught by her…

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