Varun Dhawan advised fans to wear masks through his dance, video viral


Actor Varun Dhawan, who achieved success with his brilliant acting in Bollywood, is spending quality time with his family these days. At the same time, He is helping the people suffering from covid. Varun is also seen giving tips to his fans from time to time to avoid covid. Recently, he has given a unique message to fans to wear masks and stay safe.

Varun sends message to wear mask through dance:  He shared the video on his Instagram account on Saturday. In which he is seen dancing. In Varun’s video, ‘We will fight, we will not give up. The song ‘Hum Har Nahin Maanenge’ is heard playing. In the video, he send a message to his fans to wear masks to avoid covid.

Our fight was for ‘Oxygen’: According to media reports, in another post earlier, Varun had informed everyone what to keep in mind after the epidemic ended. Varun had said that ‘if we all survive, we have to remember that we did not fight for land, weapons or houses, ornaments. Nor did we fight for business class tickets or…

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