‘Socio-dramatic play is key to interactive, enriching education’ says Education Expert Rajesh Bhatia |

'Socio-dramatic play is key to interactive, enriching education' says Education Expert Rajesh Bhatia |

Pablo Picasso once said, “All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.” Most education models however remain oblivious to the importance of feeding a child’s creativity and imagination as they focus primarily on rote learning.

Rajesh Bhatia, whose chain of virtual play schools, TreeHouse pioneered the use of social-dramatic play modules to tide over pandemic blues, insists that interactive and creative methodologies must be incorporated even offline to enrich education.

Rajesh Bhatia says, “During the toughest days of the pandemic, creating interactive modules to engage children was very important for us. This was for them to not feel isolated from peers and teachers, to express their feelings, to celebrate special occasions, to learn difficult concepts easily, and to embody their favourite characters. This was a window that allowed them to express themselves fully when all doors seemed to be closed.”

Now with schools opening slowly, he says, this…

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